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NH/VT Upper Valley CRMUG Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement User Group

It is time to register for the NH/VT Upper Valley CRMUG Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement User Group Meeting! 

If you are familiar with you can register using the above link OR send me an e-mail.

For my Albany, Boston and Montreal friends - You are also welcome to attend and are within a 2 to 3 hour driving window so perhaps an excuse to get out of the office and to do a little touring. 


NH/VT Dynamics CRMUG New England User's Group Meeting - September 27th, 2018

Come help us kick off the initial meeting of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRMUG NH/VT New England Chapter Meeting!

  • Where: Hanover, NH
  • When: September 27, 2018
  • Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
  • Questions: Reach out to Anne Stanton, Evan Workin or Jeff Hudgins
  • Subject: What's new in Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.x.x.x !

Let's deep dive on what came out in the Spring 2018 release and what is about to be released as part of the

Fall 2018 Release. We will also round table questions and share industry wide experience and knowledge.

Want to help? Invite your friends, put together your questions, create a carpool, get involved!


A One Inch PowerPoint?

So I was going through my old files and I found the largest PowerPoint I ever generated. I was shocked to see that it was an inch thick! It was presented in the Ingram Micro Solution Center and it had a core focus of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

Let's face it, there is a lot to talk about surrounding the industry of awesome Customer Engagement from marketing to service to sales to business to business. Twist in the actual application and all that you can do with the platform and you just can't learn everything in a few quick years. So value your experienced resources. 



Knowledge Management : KB Articles in Microsoft CRM

A few resources to ramp up on all that is new in Knowledge Management in Microsoft CRM (2016 Spring Release)

Dynamics CRM Knowledge Management by the Microsoft EMEA Support Team

New Knowledge Management Features Introduced by the Microsoft Product Team

New Customer Service Features in CRM 2016 discussed by MSDynamicsWorld

Tip of the Day Video (series): CRM Knowledge Articles

One Minute Overview Video on Knowledge Articles

Streamline Knowledge Management in Microsoft CRM Video

You will also want to ramp up on the new Interactive Service Hub (ISH) which offers even more access to the wealth of data in Microsoft CRM.

Tip of the Day : Interactive Service Hub

Overview of the Interactive Service Hub

Working with Cases in the Interactive Service Hub



A new Marriage between Microsoft Word and Microsoft CRM

Given that so much new has been released, sometimes it is easy to miss some of the powerful new features.

Take for instance USING WORD TEMPLATES in CRM. Sure, letters are nice, but have you ever considered the power of all the other data you can pull into a WORD template?

Here is a good place to get started

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support Lifecycle

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a continuous book, with pages being edited and new pages being added with each release. Those who build their projects to live with the growth of their companies do not need to be concerned for the book continues as your business continues.

For those who are still running Microsoft Dynamics CRM older versions, this page might be of interest. The Microsoft Support Lifecycle Page

What is a Support Lifecycle, you ask or more appropriately, what is the support lifecycle policy? There is more on the website, but consider this ...

"What is the Support Lifecycle policy?
Microsoft provides an industry-leading Support Lifecycle policy—in length and provision—giving customers consistent, transparent, and predictable timelines for which software is supported."


Powershell and Microsoft Dynamics CRM (#msdyncrm)

So you think you are the ultimate master of Microsoft Dynamics CRM! This is totally awesome, because now you can empower your entire team with new PowerShell Awesomeness for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Organization Data!

AND don't forget to send some feedback and love to the developer!

Read More and Download Here


Lithium and Microsoft : Community, Social and Dynamics CRM

Interesting Press Release:  Lithium and Microsoft

"SAN FRANCISCO – June 2, 2015 – Lithium Technologies and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) have signed a strategic alliance agreement to integrate Lithium social interactions and community data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM"


Read More



Turbo Forms in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 (v7.1.0)

Although not necessary: Writing Code for Forms provides a way to increase interaction between the user and the entity forms. This is often done by using JavaScript that is executed for events that occur on the form.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 7.1.0 (2015) offers TURBO Forms which are seriously worthy of consideration, both for the Experienced Dynamics CRM Developer and for the CRM end user.  Performance differences have been clocked anywhere from 3x to 7x times faster.


Here are some materials and videos to help get you started.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1 - New Form Rendering Engine


Form rendering enhancements


Writing code for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 or CRMOL Forms : Read More


Incredibly Wonderful News! Clarity on Versioning

New Naming Conventions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

One of the senior developers who I use to work with had a great quote that I often think about when stepping into some of the more complex enterprise projects or when trying to explain Microsoft Dynamics CRM or the projects built from the platform and branded using xRM (relationship Management at it's best).

"Simplicity is often on the other side of Complexity" ~Chris Condron  but perhaps Oliver Wendell Holmes deserves the credit. Either way I was thrilled to find out that the internal teams at Microsoft have announced this realignment of numbering for Dynamics CRM!  

"I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity. " Oliver Wendell Holmes

It shows the deep maturity of the product. It easily communicates the growth and the upward trend of the development efforts and it is straight forward for people to understand.

So KUDOs to the team! Keep up the incredible as you pull together all the new power to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers and the CRM Community!


CRMUG has not been sleeping! GREAT Connects, GREAT Content

If you have not visited the CRMUG website lately, you might want to go take a look. They have been using new community software and have continued to organize and host local, national and webinar enabled meetings for users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

One of the best things you can do if you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM is to get involved in the community.

Dynamics CRM v2013 Rollup 1 has been released #mscrm2013

I have recently changed my daily process to include Yammer and the value add has been significant. Take for instance the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM v2013 Rollup 1, Yammer post with link and discussions letting me know it was available.

If your company currently has YAMMER and you are not using it, you might want to reconsider. Timing is everything when it comes to accepting new and sometimes you just need to re-evaluate on an ongoing basis.


Rollup 15 MS Dynamics CRM v2011

Microsoft has posted CRM v2011 Update Rollup 15.

Do you have a lot of other OutLook Integrations? CRM Outlook Client causing you grief on just one machine? 

This  rollup includes “process isolation” to split the Outlook Client out from the core Outlook process, an upgrade to SQL CE 4.0, and reductions in isolated performance issues with a large address books (among other things, it’s all in the KB)


2013 is a Big Happy 10th Birthday to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In 2002 Microsoft developed and in 2003 released Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM v1.0 Released January 2003

Dynamics CRM v1.2 Released December 2003

The product team has also had an INCREDIBLE Record for announcing and releasing updates and upgrades with precise regularity.

BIGS KUDOS to the present and previous developers who have worked on this product and who continue to work on the product.

Another incredible in this crazy world of technology change! The core foundation of success, the building blocks and the feature sets keeps growing and expanding with little need to remove anything. Mastering the incredible tough task of staying current with all that is great while also never needing to totally reinvent the wheel. This little discussed value to long term clients is a real win and one of the reasons I continue to be passionate about the product.

Dynamics CRM v2011 Rollup 14 Released

General best practice for OnPremise users is to stay within two roll-ups. Just consider the large team of developers writing code, fixing any issues (reported by the millions of users) and continuing to make Dynamics CRM the absolute best CRM product on the market.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM v2011 Roll-up 14 has just been officially released. Learn more here.

Dynamics CRM SDK v5.0.16 Release

In our busy lives, this one might have slipped by your Excellent Dynamics CRM Extension Team.

 A new Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK Update was released in June

To Read More From the Field, Check out these two great writeups ...


A day in the life of Enterprise

I can't help sharing when I see stories of companies doing cool things within the world of Dynamics CRM.

Needless to say when this little story crossed my plate today I thought I would share.

Check out Weight Watchers and Dynamics CRM


Dynamics CRM 2011 Rollup 13 has been released

There are some great posts summarizing this wonderful development effort of updates, features, fixes and new!

Bullets of Interest



Links for More

Convergence: It is that time of year again! #CONV2013

I won't be at Convergence this year, but I wanted to go ahead and share some getting the most out of the event tips and tricks. because Convergence isn't just about great sessions and learning, but it is also about


1)      Networking

2)      Meeting the Third Party Providers and ISVs who partner with Microsoft on Dynamics CRM
and add value add

3)      Meeting the Microsoft CRM Support Team and technical resources (bring your questions)

4)      Meeting the Microsoft CRM Developers and development team (there are new faces to watch for)

5)      Meeting other Microsoft team members

6)      Communicating with other CRM users (Look for CRMUG)

7)      Listening and learning from Authors, Field Experts and great consultants


So In my many years going to and presenting at Convergence I offer you the following



1)  Know which sessions you want to go to before you go and have a backup option
(sometimes sessions are sold out)

2)  Know who the speakers are: Ask or search the net or read their blogs, being great at what you know doesn't mean you are a great speaker. Look for both!

3) Use Twitter during the conference to keep up with the live session buzz and to connect with other CRM tweeters. My guess is the tweet tag will be #conv2013 or #conv13

4) Know the level of the session: They can range from 100 to 400 and have a lot to do
with presenter and audience. Convergence has both sales sessions to show what is new and deep technical sessions to get you up to speed fast so you have to know how to pick them.

5) Go to the parties and don’t stay at one. Roam from one party to the next and check out the culture, the mood, the tone, the side talks, the buzz

6) Talk to Strangers

7) Eat with people you don’t know and when you sit down, talk to them

8) Make time to visit the bookstore (even if to just see what CRM books are available)

9) Make time to visit the booths (I have had more great technical talks with CEOs at
trade shows than anywhere else)

10)  Go to some non-CRM Sessions such as Office, SharePoint and BI – products that work
great together with CRM

11) Go to some business sessions – they have some incredible leaders presenting on
leadership, change management, etc. Many are well recognized business book
writers. (loved hearing Malcolm Gladwell a few years back)

12)  Setup a Meet the Expert Connect session and have a one on one with a developer,
business leader, or other resource. A few years back I met with the development team working on a key feature in the newest version of CRM. What a blast to get their perspective.

13)  Attend the Pre-Convergence CRMUG Day, the sessions are smaller and the content incredible.

14) Bring business cards, share your business cards, collect business cards AND schedule time when you get home to follow up. Not just the week after, but again two weeks after and a again after 2 months, etc. Networking is about meeting and then building relationships that offer win/win value to both people.

15) Share what you know! Evaluations make a HUGE Difference in the world of Microsoft. Peer to Peer sharing makes a HUGE difference in the success of Dynamics CRM.

16) Attend the last session of the day and the event. Those speakers are sometimes the best, because they draw out the day.


Social Tips

1) It is New Orleans! Get up on the balcony and share the fun of throwing beads at people.

2) Plan to eat incredible food.

3) Don't plan on sleeping too much, but don't burn up all the brain cells so you don't have time to learn.



What happened at Convergence 2012? Twitter happened!

The fastest way for you to find out about the hot trending topics from Microsoft Convergence is to go on over to Twitter and to search on #conv12, #conv2012 and (to get a few missed items) #con12. You can also search on #CRMLady (that is me) and #msdyncrm.

The buzz during the event was hot, fast, real time and enlightening. I can't tell you how many times I smiled while reading 140 characters. A quick glance, a smile and back to 100% listening to content.

What was great was to post a thought and then to see all the reviberating thoughts on the speakers while the speaker was still speaking.

In fact at one of my presentations. Someone TWEETED a question, I read it (yes, while speaking) and responded to the entire group. How did I do that? Well there were two of us presenting so the back and forth gave me a chance for a quick peek.

Talk about an entirely different way to present to geeks and introverts - Look out future tomorrows, the power of the introverts enabled!  

You like how Dynamics CRM is working: Why Change, Why Upgrade?

There's a Talk for That!

The Microsoft Dynamics landscape is changing quickly – new technology, new platforms, new implementation strategies, new partner challenges—and the changes mean major new opportunities, and major new risks. Decisions that you make now about your Dynamics solution will have implications for years to come.

Who Should Attend Decisions Fall 2011?

Decisions Fall 2011 is a virtual event for...

  • Business decision makers seeking expert advice on implementation strategy
  • IT managers looking for technical insight and advice
  • Power users who want to learn more from the experts and share their knowledge
  • New users making the switch or contemplating the switch to Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Dynamics professionals who want to learn, network, and investigate ISV solutions
  • Anyone in the Microsoft Dynamics community looking for an exciting new platform to network and learn!


Dynamics CRM mature

You know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has really come of age when not only are their over 1 million licenses sold for the product, BUT you start stumbling on information on Dynamics CRM in places like eHOW.

Take for instance this little video on Microsoft Dynamics CRM v4.0 Certification

or this one on How to Work with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM eBook 

and of course YouTube is PACKED with more Dynamics CRM information and noise than most people know what to do with.

Self Support - Something New

If you have not discovered the new searchable Microsoft Product Support page then you might want to take a look. You can pick your product of choice and then search the knowledge base on your issue of the day! This includes cool products like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but also includes almost any product Microsoft related (phone, IE, XBox, Security, Zune, you name it)  


Update Rollup 3 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2011

Microsoft has released Update Rollup 3 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2011. It includes updates and hot fixes packaged together for easy deployment. We recommend that you install the update rollup to keep your software performing at its best.



Very interesting statistics kicks off the keynote this bright and sunny last day of Convergence #conv11

Mixed with the video from volunteer day.

Next Year Houston, Texas, March 18-21st - one of my old stomping grounds and a convention center worth spending some quality time in!

And now to Malcolm Gladwell, one of my favorite authors.

Trained professionals, the cream of the cream making complex decisions under high pressure based on the knowledge they retain. They consistently make mistakes

It is not totally acceptable to leave these souls by themselves and yet the process can also not be totally automated.

Points: Technology can help make the or an individuals decision making process transparent and technology can enhance this process

Incredible presentation which pulled me in so deeply I stopped writing

Thoughts on Convergence 2011 in Atlanta

If you work with any of the Microsoft Dynamics products or if you are just thinking about jumping onto the xRM/CRM bandwagon then you will want spend some time thinking or rethinking about attending Convergence 2011 in Atlanta!

Microsoft Convergence is one of the largest Microsoft shows in North America and as such it draws a large number of cool people from a wide variety of vendors and from Microsoft. I love just having a chance to sit down for 15 minutes or so with a number of different partner contacts, support staff, guru field experts and even the people who happen to sit next to me at breakfast. There are so many fascinating minds at work in this world!

Additionally although some of the presentations can be a bit too marketing oriented (the last couple of years have shown huge improvement in this area), there are even more that are totally intense field feedback packed. Not to mention that many of the speakers come right from the front line.

Realize that this year the EXPO hall at Convergence was sold out way in advance. Welcome back buzzing economy! AND the conference attendence is so full that Microsoft marketing doesn't have to do much so don't expect any extra motivation from your local Microsoft Rep!

Here are my top 5 tips for getting the most out of Convergence 2011 AND if you are going to be in Atlanta watch for me!

1) Spend the time to setup meetings in advanced. These can be a quick lunch, a specific breakfast table or an agreement to go to selected sessions together. Meet with people you don't know!  A lot can be accomplished in those first 15 minutes before a presentation starts.

2) Line up your agenda now, but give yourself choices. One of the morning sessions might influence which session you pick in the afternoon.

3) Know the speakers and pick the speaker that is going to offer you the content at the level you are interested in. This could be highly technical, a mix of business and technical, 101 or case studies.

4) Make time to visit the Expo Room so you can connect and learn about all the incredible third party offerings. Many of the people in the booths are GREAT contacts to know from CEOs, to developers to passionate CRM gurus.

5) Attend DAYOne sponsored by CRMUG and supported by xRMVirtual. It is a great way to warm up, ask questions, find out how the week will unfold and meet some of the people who spend a significant amount of their time helping the community and learning from answering CRM specific questions.

6) Follow the TWEETs on the event so you know where things are happening and what you don't want to miss. The tweets let you find out about unpublished events and can give you access to Convergence experienced feedback minute by minute. #CONV11

Now jump on over and get those logistics nailed down before it is too late!

WWPC Microsoft Dynamics CRM Announcements (just a few of)

Twitter is all a buzz with news from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

Microsoft Dynamics CRM App Store Announced

Microsoft Dynamics CRM v5.0 renamed Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

And if you want to sign up for the beta notifications on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Microsoft Dynamics CRM v4.0 Rollup 11 has been released

In a wonderfully consistent best practice the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development team has released their latest rollup for Microsoft Dynamics CRM v4.0. Nice Job Guys!

R11 has a number of updates and enhancements for Enterprise including items focused on performance improvement when dealing with tens of thousands of workflows and fine tuning around active directory user settings.

The Microsoft team has also managed NOT to neglect the help files (something easy to do when developing at the speed of light). The documentation team has continued to update the electronic help files that come with the system. A new release of help is included in this rollup and it is recommended that this also be installed.

Download Rollup 11

Read More about Rollup 11

Microsoft Dynamics Convergence

It is snowing and raining in New England today and yet we have had an early spring! The daffodils are blooming, the grass is green and the buzz of the Microsoft Dynamics conference "Convergence" in Atlanta is in the air!

If you are an Enterprise Dynamics CRM USER or IS Contact at an Enterprise account you will want to mark the underground lunch meetup on your calendar. We are meeting at lunch on Sunday at the edge tables in the lunch room. (signs on the table) This is informal so please come on over and introduce yourself to some peers!! (Meals are in Building B, Hall B3-4)

If you are not planning on attending Convergence you might want to reconsider after reviewing Julie Yack's great post on "Why Convergence?" or you might want to follow the Microsoft Convergence threads on Facebook or search Twitter via #CONV10. Some of the best information on Dynamics CRM is FIELD learning and there are not many places where you can get this kind of training from peers. 

Key things to make sure you do!!

1) Plan on spending time after sessions finding out about where information is being "shared"!

2) Sit down for 15 minutes or so with the Dynamics CRM Technical support team. They have usually have a few kiosks or booths.

3) Find out about the Dynamics CRM events/parties and after hours networking. I have learned so much from these!

4) Don't be shy talk to the people you sit next to on the buses. To and from the hotel, to and from events, etc.

5) USE MICROSOFT CONNECT and setup at least one meeting.

I will be doing/participating in two presentations. One is sponsored by CRMUG (a great learning resource) and it will focus on "Is the Customer always right?" and the other is a panel with a few of the developers where they ramp up a totally new Dynamics CRM/XRM solution in two sessions!!  

There is a week left! It is not too late to register! Come on down and join in the fun.

If you are in the ATLANTA area you can also consider a Day Pass!

Enterprise Architecture: New Article on R7 Outlook Synchronization

The Nuts and Bolts article Outlook Synchronization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, which is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

Outlook synchronization enables Outlook users to view Dynamics CRM information, including contacts, tasks, phone calls, letters, faxes, appointments, and e-mails, within the Outlook interface. This document describes the client synchronization process that is associated with Update Rollup 7 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 or later (for on-premise deployments) and with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online November 2009 Service Update or later (for online deployments).

WWPC 2009

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference kicks off this week in New Orleans. In years past Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been part of the conference, but not as big a part as you would expect given that the product really can be the heart and soul of a company. Sitting on every staff members desktop.

This year the buzz indicates that there has been a shift. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has reached a level of maturity where partners are really starting to get it. They get the power that an office product on major steriods can offer for them and for their customers. 

There is still a significant difference between a

1) Dynamics Partner (NAV, AX, GP, long sales cycle, accounting software mindset) and a

2) Microsoft Partner (servers, workstations, operating system software, mix of line of business options, shorter sales cycle), 

3) and what I find unique the CRM Partner (has a wide range of experience with CRM solutions and the CRM industry, understands sales teams and salse process, can do either an agile or a long term custom software development build)  

but more and more there are different perspectives and energies in the space. Microsoft Office 2007 offering the XML standard opened some major doors that to me still seem significantly untapped. Pulling structured data out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM into word documents for instance and Microsoft Office 14 (2010) is also gearing up to blow a few minds...

Will the partner world (and more importantly, clients) be able to keep up and USE these new functionalities?

XRM makes the big time

Microsoft takes off its xRM platform-as-a-service gloves 

Microsoft has been buzzing about Dynamics CRM as an XRM platform for development and it is a natural fit for the application - Twist on your Dynamics CRM hat and power users can do amazing things including solving complex business needs, add in developer energy and wow! Speedy Ramp Up

The concept is not without risks; (people do have to learn to work differently) however with the right level of training, the right twist to the Dynamics CRM hat and some outside the box thinking and learning by all - many new people can be flying down the relationship management and organizing highway.