Dartmouth Lake Sunapee Linux Group Meeting (DLSLUG)

The first Thursday of the month the Dartmouth Lake Sunapee Linux Group meets over at Dartmouth to share knowledge and to geek it up a bit. They kick off their meeting with a meet up at Ramunto's in Hanover, NH and then the group wanders on over to a very cool room on Campus. (White Board, Black Boards, Projectors, Ivy League Classroom) 

Over pizza we discussed NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, files with embedded metadata and general buzz in the world of tech in the Upper Valley. We really do need more opportunities to do more of this around here. There are SO MANY hidden disconnected gems.

Once over at campus Lloyd presented nifties, first on what he has been doing with Python and (dare I mention the word, Microsoft) Azure. It is so thrilling for me to see these two worlds starting to bubble together in the quest for empowering great technology. There were questions, discussions and mind shifts, but good discussions. Even little old me was able to offer contributions.

We also discussed Jupyter .

"Project Jupyter is a non-profit, open-source project, born out of the IPython Project in 2014 as it evolved to support interactive data science and scientific computing across all programming languages."

With a heavy bent on large, concurrent, mathematical and statistical analysis needs. I was not able to add much to the discussions, but I love a chance to push myself out of my comfort zone. My Mom had her doctorate in statistics so in my baby years the word SAS often kicked around our household.  

Other Tidbits Shared 

Information on BASE

More Python Tips

working with distributed data and

using Selenium for things other than testing web applications. 


DYNAMICS Peeps! Update your calendars with FOCUS #UserGroupFocus - Get your deep dive on!


Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Group Community FOCUS https://ugfocus.com/houston-register 

Monday, March 11, 2019
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Anne Stanton

Tuesday, March 12, 2019
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Areas in the World of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Put on the hat "Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement" and the dimensions explode. There are so many different angles to think about such as 

  • The Product
  • The CRM Industry
  • The Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and their extensions, applications and products
  • The Project Methodologies
  • The Communities
  • The Support Resources
  • The Training Options
  • Certifications
  • Industry Uses
  • Usability and Adoption 
  • Integrations
  • Mobility
  • IoT
  • CRM -> ERP : Bridging the teams, the products, the features and more
  • Failures and the Why behind them 
  • Working with the Microsoft teams (product, support, services, executives, sales, etc.)

and the list goes on! 

I recently completed a Solution Architecture Assessment engagement and was amazed at all of the categories of discussion and knowledge sharing that bubbled out of a three month, intense, team empowerment project.

So where to start??


Five CRM Thoughts

1. Workflows can be REAL TIME (Synchronous) or ALMOST REAL TIME (asynchronous) and if you are a business user creating workflows you want to coordinate the timing. In the world of plugins and extensions timing coordination of steps is all part of the job, but in the world of workflows sometimes it is easy to forget about what we are really asking for.

2. Deleting and Cleanup in the world of customization and multiple environments are a specialized thought process. The system supports a merge mindset so when you want to do cleanup (and you are using unmanaged solutions) you want to make sure you cleanup all your environments. I like to use the technique of naming fields, business rules, forms, views and other such configurations in DEV with a prefix of something like ZToBeDeleted so that after a deployment to TEST and PRODUCTION it is easy to do house cleaning.

3. You are not the only one extending and configuring. Coordination equals huge successes and incredible power and depth. It is a product that is always evolving from the power and insight of the incredible team at Microsoft and then there are the other new features that are purchased, reviewed, updated, coordinated and released. If you are writing unsupported code you are asking for headaches OR if your hired gun is writing unsupported code. Take the time to get it done right. Take the time to vet your resources. A low hourly rate does not mean long term reduction in cost.

4. Software as a Service (SaaS) in the world of Dynamics CRM means that you are continuously getting the chance to improve your businesses cutting edge differentiator through the use of the newest technology and business techniques. Get the Learning Mindset and embrace the wave while also taking bite sized, very manageable growth steps forward. Setup your environment so you have a DEV, TEST and PRODUCTION instance so that you can have DEV upgraded first, then TEST (with a release to TEST and Regression Testing) and then roll to production. For smaller firms perhaps only two instances, but always give yourself that learning arena for the larger feature releases.

5. Just because it looks pretty, and has a really cheap initial price does not mean that you won't be paying more in the long run. In the world of ONLINE and the CLOUD do your research with other customers. Understand the 1, 2 and 3 year average costs and understand what you get for the money. The models can be very different.  There are hundreds of applications that can be replaced by Dynamics CRM and with the right resources (trained helps) the price is right. Just because Access and Excel are available with office, doesn't mean they are the right solution for a multi-user environment where people need to share real time data across many different devices. Oh and then there is the Out of the Box integration to the Office 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Excel E-Mail, and so much more. 

It really is mind blowing.....  

Calling All CRM Users: Please send feedback on the new DYNAMIC HELP Features!


Calling All CRM Users: Please send feedback on the new DYNAMIC HELP Features!

"This feature was introduced in the Dynamics CRM 2015 for Outlook Client and is referred to as “Dynamic Help”.   Prior to this feature, the Outlook Client included a help link that always directed you to the same troubleshooting page regardless of which error you encountered.  For each error code that occurs during configuration, Dynamic Help can now direct you to a KB article designed to help resolve that specific issue.  This feature was also backported to CRM 2013 Update Rollup 1 for Service Pack 1 and CRM 2011 Update Rollup 18.  The Dynamic Help feature is also included in the new CRM App for Outlook. "

To Read More and To provide Feedback CLICK,

One Person Can Change the World!


Tweets from Convergence on Dynamics CRM

There is probably a better way to do this, but alas there comes a time when you just do it. So the following is a running historical list of interesting tweets from Dynamics CRM Convergence sessions. Starting today and running backwards in time.

CRMLady - 6:56pm, Apr 29 - http://ht.ly/1EWdB Now this is an interesting way to quote on the buzz at #conv10! Nice work Dynamics World
dennisambrose - 6:43pm, Apr 29 from web - Back from #Conv10. Happy to see #Dynamics World story on the Driving Business Success Using #XRM presentation - http://bit.ly/c3YIwV
YoderWorks - 4:06pm, Apr 29 from TweetDeck - Got back super pumped about CRM, right back into a CRM deployment. Customer benefits from #conv10 brainstorms!
coloradojules - 3:58pm, Apr 29 from web - shout-out to a new blog http://dynamicscrmtips.blogspot.com/ from an attendee of #conv10 inspiried by our social networking session, woohoo
InterDynSocius - 3:21pm, Apr 29 from TweetDeck - RT @MSDYNCOMM: Experience #conv10 365 days a year on the #msdyncomm. Check out the community site features: http://cot.ag/da6VAE
sonomapartners - 2:38pm, Apr 29 from CoTweet - @BarryGivens Agreed, not sure how we missed each other at #conv10 but we will connect next time @miketsnyder or @jsteger is in Seattle!
BarryGivens - 2:31pm, Apr 29 from web - @joecrm how could I have missed?! Let's set aside time now for @WPC10US. Hope that #conv10 was a win for you and your customers.
msdynamicsax - 1:54pm, Apr 29 from CoTweet - RT @MSDYNCOMM: Experience #conv10 365 days a year on the #msdyncomm. To learn how to get this, check out the community site features: http://cot.ag/da6VAE
infuseme - 1:46pm, Apr 29 from TweetDeck - #Conv10 - Next year have free Internet access in the sessions. We would have had a lot more twittering going on. That was frustrating.
BarryGivens - 1:14pm, Apr 29 from web - Home from #conv10 and only a little worse for the wear. Sorry that I didn't get to connect with more folks esp. @CECRM @CRMLady @PGreenBe
cindyskack - 11:48am, Apr 29 from TweetDeck - RT @joecrm: Still not caught up on sleep from #CONV10 - maybe i should call in an early night
neudesic - 1:20am, Apr 29 from web - Went to our Convergence Party at the Hard Rock Cafe & want to see the pics? They are now up on our facebook! http://bit.ly/d0dsAQ #Conv10
MetaViewer - 10:55am, Apr 29 from HootSuite - Had a wonderful experience at this year's #CONV10 and met some great folks. It was the best event we've been to in years!
matthewlandis - 9:25am, Apr 29 from web - Even our infrastructure guys are getting benefits from #conv10: the screaming, flying monkey is lightening up their morning ;-)
DrSalonen - 1:26am, Apr 29 from TweetDeck - RT @SociusBIguru: Couldn't make it to Atlanta for #CONV10? Plan ahead for next year! Convergence 2011 will be back in Atlanta the week of April 10th!
MSFTDynamicsERP - 1:12am, Apr 29 from web - RT @ZapPartner: The Zap Team is back from a fantastic #CONV10! Had a great conference, thanks for stopping by the booth http://tweetphoto.com/20295710
CRMLady - 10:02pm, Apr 28 from web - Great Day! Only one more item to catchup on after #conv10 - Sleep!
lucianocunha - 9:53pm, Apr 28 from HootSuite - I am dead meat Chris! But it was a great Convergence!!! RT @RedTail_Chris: Returning energized from Convergence 2010 #in #conv10
joecrm - 9:19pm, Apr 28 from TweetDeck - Still not caught up on sleep from #CONV10 - maybe i should call in an early night
CRMLady - 7:40pm, Apr 28 from HootSuite - @Webfortis I suspect that because you were working hard on them to get things out and done that they stepped up and delivered for #conv10
ZapPartner - 7:32pm, Apr 28 from web - The Zap Team is back from a fantastic #CONV10! Had a great conference, thanks for stopping by the booth http://tweetphoto.com/20295710
ZapPartner - 7:29pm, Apr 28 from TweetPhoto http://tweetphoto.com/20295710 Garth D. Laird, President & Tony Mudie, VP Channel Operations @ Zap's #CONV10 booth!

CRMLady - Back in RI - 41 Degrees, and a clear night (or is it morning?)What a great #conv10. The tech content was deep in all the sessions attended.

CRMLady - 1:31am, Apr 28 from Web - @YoderWorks It was great to meet you at #conv10
CRMLady   9:00pm, Apr 27 from mobile web - disadvantage to tweeting, my phone is out of battery life :(
CRMLady - 8:59pm, Apr 27 from mobile web - Thanks @BarryGivens for a great last session #conv10
CRMLady - 8:57pm, Apr 27 from mobile web - Sitting on the tarmac waiting for the tires to be changed and a break fixed. Delta :( Confirmation on why I luv #Southwest

CRMLady - The CRMLady Blog Microsoft Convergence: The beginning of the last day http://ow.ly/17cgma

CRMLady - 6:47pm, Apr 27 from mobile web - Cool my book was in the company store #conv10
CRMLady - 4:52pm, Apr 27 from mobile web - Last session @conv10 Totally pumped and very tried from the 17 hr days
CRMLady - 4:46pm, Apr 27 from mobile web - "Reporting needs to communicate info in the right way to the different audience personalities" Thanks Barry Givens #conv10
CRMLady - 4:45pm, Apr 27 from mobile web - http://www.weathersealed.com cool tip from @BarryGivens #conv10
CRMLady - 2:18pm, Apr 27 from mobile web - #conv10 Hard not to talk too fast but all is good
CRMLady - 11:38am, Apr 27 from mobile web - #conv10 60 minute robust app looking good!
CRMLady - 11:36am, Apr 27 from txt - #conv10 @BarryGivens CRM to T&B in 60 min no code or
CRMLady - 11:30am, Apr 27 from mobile web - #conv10 I wonder if the developers have been challenged to release a xRM solution without code in CRM
CRMLady - 11:12am, Apr 27 from mobile web - 60 minutes plus xxxxxxxx number of hours on build and deploy #cnv10 familiar experience
CRMLady - 11:06am, Apr 27 from txt - @BarryGivens the well wishes were and are for you. Zen
CRMLady - 11:06am, Apr 27 from mobile web - #conv10 wow they are building on CRMOnline
CRMLady - 10:47am, Apr 27 from mobile web - @nikhilhasija doesn't look stressed to me I bet they nail it
CRMLady - 10:43am, Apr 27 from txt Think positive GREAT to see you feeling better
CRMLady - 9:17am, Apr 27 from mobile web - @webfortis :) now you tell us... Also castiron info aka BenVollmer
CRMLady - 9:10am, Apr 27 from mobile web - #conv10 What is the one thing you are going to do with what you learned?
CRMLady - 9:05am, Apr 27 from mobile web - #conv10 Yes there IS a #mscrm adapter from #castiron sweet
CRMLady -  9:03am, Apr 27 from mobile web - Bye @coloradojules Great to see you!
CRMLady - 9:01am, Apr 27 from mobile web - #conv10 hallway conversation this morning proves this conference is so worth it
CRMLady - 9:01am, Apr 27 from mobile web - #conv10 hallway conversation this morning proves this conference is so worth it
CRMLady - 8:53am, Apr 27 from mobile web - #conv10 Nick Brophy Band gets the blood running on the last morning
CRMLady - 8:50am, Apr 27 from mobile web - #conv10 Front row section - center at last keynote
CRMLady - 6:57am, Apr 27 from Google - Microsoft Convergence: The beginning of the last day http://goo.gl/fb/kOygO
CRMLady - 8:32pm, Apr 26 from HootSuite - The CRMLady Blog Capturing a Summary Tweets: Challenge - Challenge of the Morning
CRMLady - 8:32pm, Apr 26 from HootSuite - The CRMLady Blog Capturing a Summary Tweets: Challenge - Challenge of the Morning Given that I didn't update the bl... http://ow.ly/17bvR7
CRMLady - 4:55pm, Apr 26 from mobile web - #conv10 Ben showing some great magic in four lines of code or less. Missing an experienced in CRM dev.
CRMLady - 4:53pm, Apr 26 from mobile web - Thinking about dinner and what is happening tonight in Atlanta @conv10
CRMLady - 4:52pm, Apr 26 from mobile web  - @conv10 in Ben Vollmers CRM session
CRMLady - 11:04am, Apr 26 from mobile web - If you are start with an xRM project be a good detective AND a good innovator
 CRMLady -  10:53am, Apr 26 from mobile web - #conv10 Best way to get started good partners, training, small bites and open minds
CRMLady - 10:52am, Apr 26 from mobile web - #conv10 #ADXStudios gets a good mention from the panel
CRMLady - 10:49am, Apr 26 from mobile web - #conv10 a big team of experienced CRM developers .... so sweet! #conv10 xRM session
CRMLady - 10:48am, Apr 26 from mobile web - #conv10 In some rooms n this convention center the white noise makes it really hard to hear
CRMLady - 10:46am, Apr 26 from mobile web - @joecrm where in the room are you?
CRMLady - 10:44am, Apr 26 from mobile web - Oh good the marketing noise is over in this session #conv10
CRMLady - 10:28am, Apr 26 from mobile web - @ Driving business success with xRM #conv10
CRMLady - 9:51am, Apr 26 from mobile web - Oh the things I learn at #conv10
CRMLady - 9:50am, Apr 26 from mobile web - Marketing idea the spank plank to use on sales people who don't follow up #conv10
CRMLady - 9:11am, Apr 26 from mobile web - Excellent thought #con10 when is integration too much?
CRMLady - 8:53am, Apr 26 from mobile web - Integrating with CRM at #conv10
CRMLady - 7:53am, Apr 26 from HootSuite - @richardknudson Thanks :)
CRMLady - 7:53am, Apr 26 from HootSuite - RT @richardknudson: How to decide which sessions to attend at #CONV10? Method 1: http://bit.ly/dAmufl Method 2: Follow CRMLady
CRMLady - 7:52am, Apr 26 from HootSuite RT @magnetismnz: Creating CRM custom icons #CRM #xRM #xCRM http://is.gd/bIkcz
CRMLady - 7:52am, Apr 26 from HootSuite - @magnetismnz Great Post!!
CRMLady - 6:56am, Apr 26 from Google - Capturing a Summary Tweets: Challenge http://goo.gl/fb/F5qVI
CRMLady - 6:51am, Apr 26 from Google - Microsoft Convergence http://goo.gl/fb/RnHrL
CRMLady - 6:51am, Apr 26 from TypePad - Microsoft Convergence http://bit.ly/dAmufl
CRMLady - 11:16pm, Apr 25 from Web - Tweeting, #fb, Blogging: A great way for me to decompress after some significant city/crowd connect (back to the country soon enough)
CRMLady - 11:12pm, Apr 25 from Web - #conv10 today rocked! Titles didn't match the depth of excellent content. Big thanks to some very key presenters who pushed the envelope
CRMLady - 11:09pm, Apr 25 from Web - @jukkan Dang I missed them. I will have to circle round tomorrow. Had some great talks with some of the other players though!
CRMLady - 10:35pm, Apr 25 from HootSuite - 2 Days #conv10 25,000 steps on the pedometer - My feet are feeling the long miles pounding the cement
 CRMLady - 10:34pm, Apr 25 from HootSuite - Tweeting at #conv10 burned through my phone. Can't wait for #WindowsPhone7
CRMLady - 4:15pm, Apr 25 from mobile web - #conv10 time invested vs. ROI
CRMLady - 3:45pm, Apr 25 from mobile web - #trackback usage is a win/win #conv10
CRMLady - 10:35pm, Apr 25 from HootSuite - 2 Days #conv10 25,000 steps on the pedometer - My feet are feeling the long miles pounding the cement
CRMLady  - 10:34pm, Apr 25 from HootSuite - Tweeting at #conv10 burned through my phone. Can't wait for #WindowsPhone7
CRMLady - 4:15pm, Apr 25 from mobile web - #conv10 time invested vs. ROI
CRMLady - 3:45pm, Apr 25 from mobile web - #trackback usage is a win/win #conv10
CRMLady - 3:44pm, Apr 25 from mobile web - Social media accelerators going to be updated to pull in twitter changes #conv10
CRMLady - 3:37pm, Apr 25 from mobile web - #conv10 tools for social media
CRMLady - 3:36pm, Apr 25 from mobile web  #conv10 in the social networking session with @juileyack Shan and Jim
CRMLady - 2:18pm, Apr 25 from mobile web - #conv10 Key tip really know what you are starting with and when to use native vs custom
CRMLady - 2:08pm, Apr 25 from mobile web in #conv10 CRM insider tips with Drew and Darren
CRMLady - 12:19pm, Apr 25 from mobile web - CRM Enterprise user lunch back edge tables marked
CRMLady 11:40am, Apr 25 from mobile web #conv10 GP/CRM online adapter in May 2010
CRMLady - 11:32am, Apr 25 from mobile web - #conv10 deliver as little as possible #PwC nicely said
CRMLady - 11:31am, Apr 25 from mobile web - #conv10 adoption is never over

Feature of the Week: System Jobs

If you are a "CRM Administrator" have you looked at your System Jobs recently? Now for all those working on various projects ... Have you checked out the System Jobs in your development environments?



Immediately you will see a list of various information regarding various "system jobs" that might have run or might be "waiting".

Make particular note of the items in the waiting state. Do you know what they are waiting for? Should they really be waiting? Do they need to be cancelled?

Next Question: Are you managing your system job log? Has it been purged lately?

Did you know that Duplicate Detection is a System Job?


Everytime I offer kudos I realize all the other people who are related to those little things that make a difference. For instance David Jennaway, who actually wrote the plugin I mentioned in my earlier post and SHARED it.

Jeff Reiser, Premier Field Engineer who continues to be an incredible resource as I watch people ramp up and Microsoft in general who despite their size still manage to digest the huge amount of field feedback that travels the back channels.

What you don't feel heard? Next time you are reading a knowledge base article that doesn't meet your needs use the comment box at the bottom of the screen. In the world of Dynamics CRM I am often surprised by the responses to my comments posted in what sometimes we assume is the infinite black hole.  

CRM v5.0 (or 6.0) Wish List - Better Late than Never

I still need to get these into the Microsoft Request engine, but here are a couple of the hot ones on my plate that bubbled up in thought when I was reading Richard Knudson's blog post today on the same subject.

What would be great to see in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5.0

1) Business Unit Ownership
2) Enterprise scalability for Team ownership
3) Performance Tuning/Improvement for Form Assistant
4) Outlook Client Configuration Flexibility including the locking down by user of configuration options
5) Menu management/Navigation Pane management without editing XML files
6) From a "It is a CRM application" support for common field functionality so programming doesn't have to bother with this such as Country lookup, SIC and NAICS code management, Zip Code options, etc.

7) From the perhaps this would be a cool utility category: a tool to rename all the New_ prefixes to something else.

8) A super easy, don't need to be technical advanced find option to create views. Yes, the one we have today is powerful, but it is still "techie" and frustrating for some business users. In this same light let them pick any field from any entity to include in the view.

9) A really advanced report writer with a really super easy interface. There are some pretty cool third party  BI tools on the market that meet this need, but talk about a blow a few users away feature.

10) User definable portals and dashboards

11) For the developers: The Developer toolkit which is so cool that traditionally trained advanced software developers can't keep their hands off it. Creating a situation where they would rather write in "xRM" than in .NET only ;)

In the World of XRM

In the world of XRM and training experienced developers to think "CRM" one of the key nice to haves would be a place to show the new developers all the entities that exist that CANNOT be modified. These are the core Micrsoft Dynamics CRM Development Team building blocks.

I have continued to test the  "Request a New Feature" on Microsoft Connect. Recently I requested that a view be added to the Entities view to include a view of all entities that are locked. (I can then show this to new developers and say - you can't change these, learn what they are and work with them ;)

I had the strangest response back  - First they didn't understand what I asked for, second they said that a feature I didn't ask for was in the next version and lastly the fearture they indicated was going to be in the next version is in the existing version. Sigh - sometimes I wonder why I keep trying... here is the response.  

Greetings from Microsoft Connect!

This notification was generated for feedback item:
Custom Entities view: All Locked Entities which you submitted at the Microsoft Connect site.

Thank you for your suggestion. The next version of CRM will only show entities that can be customized. All other entities (for internal use only) will not be displayed. Regards

You may receive a general "Feedback Item Updated" notification as well, if any other changes were made by Microsoft.

Thank you for using Microsoft Connect!


the Microsoft Connect Team

Please do not reply directly to this message, as it is generated from an unmonitored email account. If you have comments related to your Feedback, please enter it in the Comments section (post a comment to Microsoft) of your Feedback item by navigating to the Feedback item in the link above.

If you are having trouble accessing the Feedback link above, please go to the
http://connect.microsoft.com/help/ page to report the issue, In your submission, please make sure to paste a copy the link above into the report.


Part of me thinks it is wonderful that I am being alerted that my CRM Online database is going to have maintenance, but after seeing the below message every time I logged in for the last few weeks and then once the maintenance was completed seeing a new message with a date two weeks later I started to get a bit annoyed.

CRM Online Screen Shot

First the Dynamics CRM database does not need maintenance every two weeks even if it is hosted (onPremise database might get touched once every six months) and second this is just one click through that is a bit much if displayed every time someone logs in!

Adding insult to injury you get another message if you default to the administration tab on entry.

- Sigh -