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Five benefits of working remote

Five benefits of working remote

1) You can keep a cat on your desk. Make a place  for them to sleep so they don't sleep on your keyboard. 

2) You can create your own breaks, just like someone coming to your desk and asking a question. A mental shift for a few minutes. This can be a quick walk, taking out the trash, washing a few dishes. changing the laundry (points with the spouses), taking the dog for a quick walk, checking on the garden and dead heading a few flowers. etc. 

3) You can setup a quick place that might be different from your home "desk". A card table can create an entirely different working experience. 

4) You can Change chairs. If you were walking or standing all day I would mention changing shoes at lunch. It is the same concept. It shifts your alignment and changes the muscles you use. We don't get this chance in the office. 

5) If you are in a meeting that makes it easy to stand (no visual presentation), stand during the meeting. Pace, no one is watching and the blood flow can add to the conversation.