Patterns, Patterns and more Patterns
In this world of many choices, some times some choices are slightly better than others. Needless to say releases continue to be released. 


I have long been known as the CRMLady in the communities and industry since 2005, but over the last couple of years, as my skills have continued to build, I have been debating how to shed the old "CRM" terminology. I have shed it from my conversations and from my postings and have had many an Enterprise debate on the concept, for we have long ago gone past only relationship management in our tools. 

We now have predictive analysis and interactive technologies and remote assist and engagements far beyond a database of linked information. 

It is not that "Relationship" management is not important. It is just important today as it was 40 years ago when people either used Index cards, or Mainframe databases, but there is so much more.

I finally have come to the conclusion that my new branding will be #TechLadyinEnterprise. This allows me to continue to embrace the entire Microsoft Stack of awesome while also continuing with the heartbeat of awesome in my Power Platform journey.