Power Platform - Model App Configuration
1 TB Drive for < 100 Dollars, Wow

Microsoft Office 365 to the new world of Microsoft 365

If you have not noticed there is a small change or perhaps a big change happening in the world of Microsoft Applications. The worlds are converging! In the old worlds of Dynamics CRM we had a great platform story and we used it successfully on many small and large projects; however, as the platform has continued to mature it has started to increase the grey lines. 

We now have the Power Platform that offers both the fancier integrations of the past, but also the new much more seamless integrations of the future.  The transition has been fascinating to watch. 

Power Apps with Power Automate sending e-mails through Outlook 

Canvas Apps with creative data sources such as an Excel List

and the transitioning of the required structure and compliance of applications like finance and operation into dual write and shared data with CDS. 

Given all the remote work, we are also seeing the accelerated usage of Microsoft Teams as the go to world for each individual person rather than only e-mail and the Power Platform has a ton of TEAMS features, so cool.