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Data, Data, Data -> Visualize, Clean, Mash, Visualize and, using your voice, ask questions

Deep diving into the world of Power BI

Getting data for Power BI to work with:

  • Free (OOB) type apps like the Dynamics 365 APP
  • Lightly customized content packs (apps) - 3 customized content packs using ODATA options in Github, Fits/Gaps (option set Ouch)
  • More extensive content packs (apps) - Change the data source from ODATA to CDS, reduces linked tables, fix visualizations
  • Other approaches and tools - Watch for new apps and content packs weekly, they are coming out this fast!!

Purvin: Professional listener of rants, 24 years in the CRM/ERP community.

Let's see that means that his ears have probably heard my name a few times over the last 15 years. Why?

I have 15 years of deep dive focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.
I have been known to question, to ask questions and to care which sometimes creates noisy energy when things are not trending well for customers. Reacting to Reactive.

I have aged, I am humbled, I have experience, regrets and even a few scars. I still have a lot to learn.

Community, What a gift to Learn!

A great time was had by all at the Power Platform Seattle Q4 User Group meeting. Interesting insights on UCI what's new and a nice presentation on all things marketing module. 

My clearing the confusion comment of the day, Dynamics 365 is A Power App. 

Kicking it up a notch plowing through the mud, soaking up the richness of the dirt. 

A new blog post has been added into the world of the Power Platform buzz

A new blog post has been added into the world of buzz: IT starts like this and you can follow the link to read even more 

"The Microsoft product teams have finalized a huge list of new wonderful features for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications stack.

James Phillips, corporate vice president of business applications and one of the most authentic stage presenters there can be, prepared and presented part of the October 2019 Business Applications Virtual Launch.. You can watch the virtual launch event presentation for free, but they do ask that you register so............"

                          READ MORE HERE