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Common Data Service - Data "un" Limits

I was having an interesting conversation the other day about some of the configuration and customization we have seen on the Dynamics 365 Platform. The conversation mentioned an example where the total number of fields added to one entity was rather significantly large. While catching up on the training in the new Microsoft Learn environment I found this statement and thought it might be a good one to share. 

"Maximum Number of fields in an entity:" REFERENCED From

  • "There is no hard upper limit on the number of fields that you can have in an entity, but there is an upper boundary due to limits in how much data you can store in a single record. It is difficult to provide a specific number because each type of field can use a different amount of space. The upper limit depends on the total space that is used by all the fields for the entity.

  • As a rule, you should have less than a few hundred fields in an entity. If you have more than a few hundred fields in an entity, then you should look at restructuring how you have designed the entities in your solutions and try to split the entity with an excessive number of fields into more than one entity." Referenced from 


One last note : In the world of technology everything changes so before you groan or run around and tell your friends about this. Tomorrow it could all be different. This is the beauty of Azure!