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Manual Many to Many Relationships (N:N)

There are times when a MANUAL many to many relationship is desired. One of the key reasons might be that you want to add fields to the intersecting table. Here are the steps for creating a many to many relationship. 

Step 1: Open a new or existing solution. Select Settings, Select Solutions  (How and to use solutions will be part of future post)

Open Solution

Step 2: Create the intersecting Entity. Select Entities, Select New and give the intersecting entity a name. I am going to name this example Relationship Role and I am going to configure a manual many to many relationship that captures a set of details on a relationship that one contact has to another contact. 

Intersecting Entity

Step 3: Save the new Entity.

Step 4: Add the desired fields to the new entity. I added a field "where they met" and a field called "# of years" and an option set indicating the level of relationship between the two people such as acquaintance, best friends, work associates, teammates, etc. 

Step 5: Create the Relationships with Contact. You will want to create both a 1: N and an N:1 relationship between contact and the new entity. Also if you are tracking how one contact knows another contact (my example) then you will need two N:1 relationships to the custom entity. 


This N:1 Relationship shows up on the Relationship Role Entity as the Contact associated with the intersecting entity. 

You will also want the 1:N relationship so that you can show all the relationship roles that a contact might have. 

Relationship Role to Contact

The end result is that you can work with the Relationship Role Entity Form

RelationshipRole Form