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Spring 2019 is just around the corner: Dynamics 365 for CE Release Notes

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Interface - Tabs versus Sections

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a new Unified Interface and within this interface we have new questions to ask when requirement gathering. Why? 

To increase usability it is important to understand which fields and features within a form are used most often OR which features need to be more prominent so that users remember to use them as they are ramping up on all things new or interesting.

In the new Unified Interface, the option to label and display data within a form in tabs is ever present. As such, careful consideration should be applied to what data would be better served on a tab vs. a section within a tab. Take for instance the Account Form. One option would be to separate the account form into different departments, such as sales, service and marketing; however there might be more reason to take a different approach such as using a tab for data that is used for deeper research and keeping the first tab fairly focused on most used fields. 

Options, options, options which are both incredible, powerful and neat as well as risky.