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CRMUG Summit 2016: Count In, Count On

22 Hours, 44 Minutes and 48 Seconds to the official kick off of CRMUG Summit 2016 under the cloudless skies of Tampa.

Saturday, Sunday & Monday included deep dive Academy training with field veterans ... Definitely a LEARNING packed week. AND here is the key, when you dive into the world of business applications learning and growing is what it is all about. Customers can leverage technology, in addition to their people and their business processes to kick it up a number of notches and we all need those extra notches in this crazy world.

How Can you Get More?

Add learning initiatives, support growth, hold people accountable to share what they learned.

Remember what it is like to teach someone else? To teach you really have to understand, so how do you know what people retained from a conference? Have them teach it to their peers who didn't get to go this time.

What about all those contacts? Well they often don't mean much unless there is follow-up. The idea is not only to meet people, but to build new relationships. How do you build new relationships? You stay in contact, you see each other each year, you participate.