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Envision 2017

Given all the BUZZ coming out of Envision it looks like the conference was a success in meeting it's goals of sharing the vision!

If You Are Planning for Next Year?

Envision 2017

"What can you expect at Microsoft Envision?

  • Gain crucial insights: Microsoft Envision delivers business insights and technology expertise at every level. Business leaders, including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and a variety of world renowned third party visionaries and thought-leaders will share what’s next, what’s trending, and how to capitalize.
  • Discover new solutions: Find sessions and learning opportunities that allow you to explore the topics and opportunities that are specifically relevant to your industry and role. Discover successful strategies, disruptive technologies, and next-level thinking that will help you make smart decisions about the future of your business.
  • Build lasting connections: Connect with innovators, technology partners, colleagues, and visionaries, and build professional relationships that will last for years. We’ve created numerous opportunities for you to learn and share with others who have tackled (and solved) some of your same business challenges.

Why you should attend Microsoft Envision

If you’re a business leader who is charged with making or influencing key business decisions within your organization, you’ll gain tremendous value at Microsoft Envision. You’ll find a depth of resources here that will help you not only come away better positioned for your future, but help you discover how to take advantage of solutions today that will deliver immediate results to your business.

New technologies are rapidly transforming the world. Businesses that understand the available technologies—and anticipate what’s coming next—are able to quickly leap ahead. Microsoft Envision gives you the insights you need to take advantage of the evolving business landscape.

Find out more about how Microsoft Envision can help business, marketing, sales, finance, customer service, operations and IT leaders across a variety of industries excel."