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Fine Tuning MS CRM for Enterprise Level Performance

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has now been running in some of the largest enterprise accounts across the countries, but with millions and millions of transactions comes a need to fine tune so here are a few tricks of the trade from the Enterprise Technical Developers, Database gurus and Consultants!

1) Although perhaps obvious, it is worth adding Indexes to your  SQL Server Database if you are dealing with millions of transactions

2) Enable the Quick Find Limit and encourage users to use Advanced Find when doing more sophisticated searching

3) Kerberos authentic can cause performance issues if it is not turned on AND if it is hitting various incompatibility with different server versions, particularly really old versions so check your server versions and your Kerberos.

4) Go back to the basics at the front end CRM Server, Do you have "Enable HTML Compression?" Set to  Yes?  Turn it off

5) You can also "Turn off the Page Counter" for the Grid  1 of 250, 5000+

6) Review the columns that you have enabled on Quick Find, for each column added the query is increased and overhead is increased.

7) Review the following SQL Server Flags with your CRM SQL Server guru

  •  MAXDOP =
  • IDSCountForUsingGUIDString =
  • IDSCountBeforeCausingJoinsForSecurity =
  • Optimize for Adhoc =
  • ERMO =