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Now is the time to "Work Like a Network"

The latest Taste of Premier episode is now LIVE!  

About this Video:

Lex Thomas welcomes Jackie Nichols and Chris Gideon to the show as they discuss how businesses can unleash the power of “working like a network” through internal social media tools that can help organizations better communicate and collaborate with each other to drive better business results which impact customer satisfaction and your bottom line.   

  • [1:10]      What is Enterprise Social?
  • [4:15]      What role does Yammer play in this?
  • [4:48]      What should our expectations be around Social Media?
  • [6:38]      Define “Work like a Network”?
  • [8:01]      How does it work?
  • [9:50]      How do you measure the success of Enterprise Social?
  • [12:31]      Can you see what topics are trending internally?