What do I do?
What the heck is ... CRM:53143123 in my e-mail subject line?

Do you think "CRM"?

Julie Yack has such a great way with words that I just had to share. Take a look at her summary about how you might fit in the world of Dynamics CRM.


oh and after you read the above, here are a few more

You might be a Dynamics CRM Power User if…

  • You share Dynamics xRM videos with friends because you think the solutions are cool
  • You wake up thinking of yet another Excel application that can be replaced *or MS Access

You might be a Dynamics CRM administrator if…

  • You have a bookshelf full of more than 5 different Dynamics CRM books
  • You know that when it comes ot CRM On-Premise CRM infrastruture support makes a big difference
  • Staff augmentation is not in your best interest for CRM extensions and development


You might be a Dynamics CRM developer if…

  • You would rather developer on the Dynamics CRM Platform then build security and UI from scratch
  • You know that a new SDK has been released
  • the word Caching and GAC are in your vocabulary
  • You roll your eyes at beginner lessons learned because you have been there and done that
  • You know where to post and vote on feature and function requests