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"Sharpening the Saw" Stephen Covey

Over the holidays I had the pleasure of switching to BiFocal lenses. Yes, it is one of those things that happens with age, but I can't complain for I do love this time of my life.

Unfortunately with BiFocal lenses dust and finger prints make a bigger difference than with the older glasses that were easily forgotten once they were alighted upon my nose.

Yesterday was one of those days where the thought of cleaning my glasses crossed my mind in the morning and didn't get accomplished until this morning. Do you ever have one of those days? Where the world spins so fast that sometimes even having time to get the tools sharpened up is impossible? Where you end up in meetings where the best answer is where did the last 12 hours of my prep time go? When you just have to depend on the bridges that are already built?

Today is a good day to add a few minutes to the to-do list for checking in with yourself. Making time to get that cold, clear glass of water for the desk. Scheduling time to use the rest room if that is what it takes and even remembering to thank those who have your back in the crazy times.

My first thank you - To Stephen Covey for early in my life reminding me that it is a lot more efficient to sharpen the saw before you cut down the tree, than to try to saw faster to compensate for the dull blade.


Tap into MS Dynamics World

The popular online magazine and resource MSDynamicsWorld has a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Resource Page.

Kicking off the New Year, this new page is packed with all things Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011!  If you are planning, prepping or in general curious about the next version of CRM you might want to take a peek.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Excel 2007

Caution: You might want to think twice about this one, but it does take care of a user annoyance when exporting from Microsoft Dynamics CRM into Microsoft Excel 2007..

Thanks to Joel over at Customer Effective for summarizing!!

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