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The slow and fast pace of technology change

Technology moves so fast! and as someone who has made technology part of their life for the last 28 years it is amazing to me to once again realize that my habits have shifted with the change in technology without me paying much attention.

I have been using Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis, but often forgetting to share via the blog. Sharing via the blog adds to the knowledge base and it also updates Twitter and Facebook. So why the change? A slow change in habit (BUT take a trip above the trees and what I was doing last year is significantly different than this year).

I have also been continuing to do trial runs with new applications. Foursquare, Hootsuite and Twitterific get regular attention and for weekend fun (when resting from the New England heat and garden work) a whole variety of iPad applications. (if you have an iPad check out UZU - mind blowing advancement in technology, but so simple)

LinkedIn has added a ton of new features lately. They have been trying out incorporating SCRM tools and techniques and yet still they honor their culture and remain focused on business and business use. Group functionality has been expanded and a new feature to follow changes at specific companies has been added. These are two areas that are definitely worth checking out. The integration to Outlook is also nice as pictures get downloaded.

Plaxo is still around. This application has a "grey" area to it when it comes to helpful vs. irritating, but I have recently been working with their latest improvements. There are things that I like and things that are still well irritating. I am glad I have patient friends (thank you)

And a foundation to many, the partners are doing some amazing things with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Next week is the Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference and already many of the ones I follow and appreciate are being honoroed. If you are in Washington D.C. next week or if you need a little adventure and escape you might want to fly in and go check it out. You can even look into an Exhibit room pass for the day only, a great way to get a flavor of some great things happening!