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Summer Reading - Leon Tribe Reviews the Book

"Teach Yourself Microsoft Dynamics CRM in 24 Hours" Book Review

I found this today and thought I would share. Thanks Muhammad for taking the time to post your comments and thoughts. Your feedback makes a huge difference.

4.0 out of 5 stars Very gentle and fluid introduction, January 2, 2010
This review is from: Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 in 24 Hours (Paperback)

"I am a Software developer looking for CRM Dynamics custom development but first wanted to explore the concepts and out of the box functionality. I have thoroughly read until Hour-7 and skimmed over the rest, the book did a great a job so far elaborating and aligning the CRM concepts that most reader will subconsciously be aware of.

I bought another text and was overwhelmed by the information presented only from a usage viewpoint. Definitely, one would have to refer an adavnced title for custom development and that's not suggested by the book's title either. However, unlike its counterparts, the book handles a simple subject with utter simplicity.

No twinkle in fifth star due to size of illustration, hardly can peek into the pictures"

Author's Note:  As the book gets updated I will definitely depend on a different tool for capturing screen shots. Vista's Snipping Tool just didn't do the job it needed to do.