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Developers are a Unique Breed

Developers are a unique breed with strong opinions, creative talent and a deep  understanding of tools that many of the people they work with do not necessarily understand. They also come in two groups - those that are confident and open to other expertise, opinions, input and getting pushed out of their comfort zone and those who are so excited about the tools that they use and that they have a deep mastery of that pushing them out of their comfort zone to learn something new is almost impossible.

Now introduce Microsoft Dynamics CRM (xRM) into this crowd. A fairly new way of thinking that both pushes senior developers out of their comfort zone and introduces the concept that perhaps some of the "requires a programmer" techniques now can be done by someone who might not have the history, scar tissue, experience or vision to do the techniques right.

The other variables it that depending on the Microsoft Dynamics xRM framework to build out intense and robust solutions with senior developer talent also requires that those senior developers trust the teams who design, update and maintain the Microsoft Dynamics xRM framework.

An interesting cultural challenge being faced and WON (and unfortunately sometimes lost) across the country.

I share the virtual stick in this post. 


This stick can be used to smack one or two people upside the head, it can be used to poke people and it can be used to build bridges of connect between people and even backend systems and databases to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It can also be used to draw stick people to outline requirements and can be the base for any number of graphical demonstations.


Lastly the stick's real purpose is to sprinkle a bit of humor in to it all, because change is hard even when it makes a ton of sense!


Changing the order of the Left Navigation Pane Custom relationships

You have customized the system or the system has been customized for you. You pick Account and on the left navigation pane you have many  new and different options.  

Did you know that you can change the order of the new items listed in the left navigation pane? Just change the Display Order properties on the N - 1 or 1 - N custom relationship.





One of the best things about working with experienced developers (new to the world of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that they see things that remind you of things known and perhaps forgotten.

When you create a custom entity there are now messages.

Check out an existing entity - Settings, Customizations, Customize Entities, Choose an Entity

(See the item Messages?)

Now check out one of your custom entities

(See no Messages)

No, the system does not offer you a way to add them through customization.