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In the world of XRM and training experienced developers to think "CRM" one of the key nice to haves would be a place to show the new developers all the entities that exist that CANNOT be modified. These are the core Micrsoft Dynamics CRM Development Team building blocks.

I have continued to test the  "Request a New Feature" on Microsoft Connect. Recently I requested that a view be added to the Entities view to include a view of all entities that are locked. (I can then show this to new developers and say - you can't change these, learn what they are and work with them ;)

I had the strangest response back  - First they didn't understand what I asked for, second they said that a feature I didn't ask for was in the next version and lastly the fearture they indicated was going to be in the next version is in the existing version. Sigh - sometimes I wonder why I keep trying... here is the response.  

Greetings from Microsoft Connect!

This notification was generated for feedback item:
Custom Entities view: All Locked Entities which you submitted at the Microsoft Connect site.

Thank you for your suggestion. The next version of CRM will only show entities that can be customized. All other entities (for internal use only) will not be displayed. Regards

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