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The CRM Industry

Developers and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Developers diving into the world of Microsoft Dynamics CRM have a number of areas of expertise to master. Here are just a few of the many:

  • Extending the Core Microsoft Dynamics CRM code

  • Windows Workflow Foundation 

  • Scriptlets

  • The Icing on the Cake: Silverlight

  • Integrating to SharePoint (WSS and/or MOSS) for complementary Unstructured data

  • Integrating to the world of finance and ERP

  • Dashboards and Business Intelligence Techniques

  • Mobility

What is amazing is when you master all of the above you start architecting from a place that is very different than if you are focused on an architecture using only 2 or 3. Scriptlets are amazing, but they are not good for everything, workflows can be extremely advanted and overlapping and yet and document libraries are more SharePoint than structured data as in CRM and the details continue.

So if you are a really guru, guru developer step up to the challenge AND never forget to get efficient and jump into a few bootcamps with those who might be a bit higher than you on or perhaps just on a different trail on the mountain of excellence.