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Considering the CFO's focus

I read the below article, provided by Craig Bailey of Customer Centricity, Inc. in his eNewsletter, and I had a major aH Ha moument. The material just rang true with some of my experiences over the years. I realized that a paradigm shift for many departments could solve some pain in the field and offer some clarity and as such with Craig's permission I am resharing the article.  Take a minute, Open your mind and consider 

To the CFO:

Listen to the Voice of the Customer by Tim Althof

The Opportunity

"It is not always a natural act for the CFO to have direct contact with customers except perhaps as part of negotiations or contract discussions. Sometimes it's just not a priority in the CFO's packed schedule, and sometimes it's simply that customer contact is viewed solely as the purview of sales and customer service. In this environment, customer satisfaction feedback reaching Finance is indirect at best. Many issues can be lost in translation or their implications not fully appreciated. "

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