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Could it be your Anti-Virus

I heard a comment the other day, that McAfee's system for scanning for viruses is a bit tough on it's neighbor, MS Dynamics CRM. I gave up McAfee and Symantec in 1999, because at the time many of my clients keep running into issues with the supported Line of Business application I was working with and these two major vendor products.

Now in the last 5 years Symantec has caused some real issues for the micro-clients. Norton on the desktops can be a very bad neighbor and as such I have had to clean it up more than once. So despite the improvement of applications over time I still hesitate about these two products.

This is a good time to really consider the impact that your bundled security has on your web applications! Including MS Dynamics CRM.

Do you know? If anyone has a link or two on some white papers or articles on this subject please share. I suspect we could nail down some dogs with just a little bit of tuning and knowledge sharing!