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February 2016

Teamwork, Code Reviews and the Speed of Technology

Reading a Blog post a day really is an awesome way to get your drip learning on!

Ben Hosk has a thoughtful Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog and he makes some interesting points in this post.

I love this quote

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand“.
Martin Fowler

Code Review is a great topic, particularly in this world of faster and faster and faster deliver.  

In terms of reusing code, one trick is to have a team (even if just a team of two) people who code review each others work. You can also purchase code reviews from Microsoft Services or from a partner. the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team also has tons of samples, white papers and trainings that define best practices. Adding code review and refactoring  into your processes can significantly increase quality. The other variable is to include TIME to do code reviews and to think about the bigger picture.

It is the default to "solve the issue and request quickly", but to solve the issue and need with sustainability is the goal.


Developers, Get your Game On with Mobile

Build your own mobile app for Microsoft Dynamics CRM on  Android, iOS and/or Windows.

Start with the Mobile Focused area of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Center.

One of the big areas of development for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 release has been mobile! Consider multiple operating systems (Android, iOS Apple, Windows), distributed processing (The Power of Azure and the Cloud) and a giant world of choices (One person with an Apple phone, another with a Windows Tablet). Microsoft has always been good at offering a ton of choices.

So you can use all of the choices offered by Microsoft OR you can dive into creating your own. If you align with the team, you leverage the SDK and you write awesome code, the world is yours for the crafting!


In the world of databases, do you really need all that you have?

Sonoma Partners had a great little post on their blog about all of the different databases that a company might be using and all of the solutions that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform brings to the table. So perhaps "XRM" does not really grab you and define how big the world of possibilities really is! What if you put your head around Any Transactional Relationship Management System?

Pieces of a Lab (the age of the equipment, the pieces that go together, the serial numbers, the experiments related) 

Signage on a road (and the vendors that buy the space on those signs and the stores who care (they are located close to the exit))

Accessories for a Fashion Show (and the models and their agents and the clothes they will wear and )

The list can go on and there are some cute little videos on YouTube that sum it up better than I can so click and enjoy !