Microsoft CRM Online : Moving Data, Migrating Data, Getting All Setup
New to Microsoft Dynamics CRM v2016, v2015, or even v2013?

Product Recognition: Way to Go Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM WINS Customer Magazine Product of the Year Award

Relationship Management Software is as deep and complex as the relationships that it is tracking (easy as you and I, complex as you and everyone you know and why) and numerous choices can make it even more complex (do you track the buildings you visit, the people who influence the decisions you depend on?).

YET choice is what makes for a great offering as it morphs to fit businesses from one model to the next. Not only businesses, but the ever changing nature of businesses and the uniqueness of your business.

Three Great Tips to working with Relationship Management Software as the heart beat of the company

1) Make sure you have the people (or support from people) in place that understand the product inside out and backwards. The strengths, the weaknesses, the reasons behind all that is offered and how to leverage those reasons to meet your needs. Also make sure these people have time for continued learning. Everything keeps growing and offering.

2) Make sure you honor and respect the product. If you don't host your own website then perhaps you don't want to host your own web based applications. Leverage the offerings and power of CRM Online which is backed by data centers layered in physical and virtual security. Check out the CRM Trust Center for more information.

3) Polish up your processes. Define consistency, eliminate crazy edge cases and understand what each and every person is doing to get the job done. They have found their own efficiencies, adopt the efficiencies. Consider things such as  thinking hard about "alerts" before sending an e-mail alert after everything that happens in the system. Do people really need more e-mail? Leverage Dashboards, charts and PowerBI graphics  to really understand the data that gets put in so that putting the data in the system makes a whole lot of sense to everyone. Share the results.