A Second in an Elevator
Convergence: It is that time of year again! #CONV2013

And here it is 3 years later

So in 2008 I posted the below and just out of curiosity I checked out the hyperlinks today. A few of them were 404'ed so I deleted those, but I was pleasantly surprised that the following still work.

Ah the Beauties of the Web

One of the beauties of the web is that much of the valued work that was
released over time, is still available today. 


The Discipline of CRM, by Anne Stanton and Herb Rubenstein,
iSixSigma Magazine http://www.isixsigma.com/library/content/c040323a.asp

How much do you invest in Mastering your Accounting
by Anne Stanton, Accounting Software 411 http://www.accountingsoftware411.com/Press/PressDocView.aspx?docid=6460

Accounting Software, Maintaining Control, by Anne Stanton
and Joel Eisenhandler http://www.accountingsoftware411.com/Press/PressDocView.aspx?docid=6613

Software and Systems
Instant Messaging: Why communication needs new tools
, by Anne Stanton,
Accounting Software 411 http://www.accountingsoftware411.com/Press/PressDocView.aspx?docid=5900

Other items of Interest

Utilizing Technology to Market Smarter by Melissa Farmer,
Accounting Marketing http://www.accountingmarketing.org/images/2006_UsingTechnology.pdf

CRM making life easier for CPA firms, by Lisa Spinelli,
WebCPA http://www.webcpa.com/article.cfm?articleid=20645&searchTerm=spinelli

5 signs that it's time to automate your customer data, by Jo
Anna Krotz, Microsoft Small Business Center http://www.microsoft.com/smallbusiness/resources/marketing/customer-service-acquisition/5-signs-that-its-time-to-automate-your-customer-data.aspx#signsthatitstimetoautomateyourcustomerdata