My world of field notes: the blog vs. twitter
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What happened at Convergence 2012? Twitter happened!

The fastest way for you to find out about the hot trending topics from Microsoft Convergence is to go on over to Twitter and to search on #conv12, #conv2012 and (to get a few missed items) #con12. You can also search on #CRMLady (that is me) and #msdyncrm.

The buzz during the event was hot, fast, real time and enlightening. I can't tell you how many times I smiled while reading 140 characters. A quick glance, a smile and back to 100% listening to content.

What was great was to post a thought and then to see all the reviberating thoughts on the speakers while the speaker was still speaking.

In fact at one of my presentations. Someone TWEETED a question, I read it (yes, while speaking) and responded to the entire group. How did I do that? Well there were two of us presenting so the back and forth gave me a chance for a quick peek.

Talk about an entirely different way to present to geeks and introverts - Look out future tomorrows, the power of the introverts enabled!