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You like how Dynamics CRM is working: Why Change, Why Upgrade?

There's a Talk for That!

The Microsoft Dynamics landscape is changing quickly – new technology, new platforms, new implementation strategies, new partner challenges—and the changes mean major new opportunities, and major new risks. Decisions that you make now about your Dynamics solution will have implications for years to come.

Who Should Attend Decisions Fall 2011?

Decisions Fall 2011 is a virtual event for...

  • Business decision makers seeking expert advice on implementation strategy
  • IT managers looking for technical insight and advice
  • Power users who want to learn more from the experts and share their knowledge
  • New users making the switch or contemplating the switch to Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Dynamics professionals who want to learn, network, and investigate ISV solutions
  • Anyone in the Microsoft Dynamics community looking for an exciting new platform to network and learn!