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That Call - Help My Computer is acting strange

As with many software developer teams there are a number of small fixes, features and utilities that get slipped into the stream without any announcement. All of a sudden you have something that is a "well that is nice to have"

I personally attribute this to a developer deciding that if he/she releases a tool or feature that fixes a complaint about something then perhaps the knats bugging them will just go away.

In this arena software companies can also release something that perhaps does not need a lot of fanfare and marketing money. One of these tools was blogged about a while ago (February 2009 to be exact) and it has been on my list to share.

So what is this tool?

FIXIT from Microsoft

The Famous Jim Glass Blogged about it because he definitely finds it helpful for all those wonderful perhaps not as tech sauvy members of his extended community and CNet did a quick little article about it in the interest of keeping an eye on the trend. So if you happen to have friends and family who report that something "might" be not quite right with their machine, you might have them start with that little button on the bottom of the Help Article.

Another key little, off the CRM subject, tidbit includes TrendMicro's Housecall - Just happens to be a favorite of mine because without spending a dime you can have "whoever" run a complete check of their computer simply by visiting the TrendMicro website.