June VPC
Kicking the View Number Over the 200,000 mark

Sometimes it is all about People

Over the years my career and my ability to help has been significantly tripped up by people. Sometimes it was miscommunication and other times it was pure mischief and still other times it was something else, Power or Politics, Ego or Hate and perhaps even more.

In other areas I have been incredibly successful, for instance with adoption and mastery of applications and with helping people transition from how they are using technology today, to what they can do with what is new.

Training classes and events, presentations and simple words have all been used to empower people, to get past reluctance to change and to energize the general population.  There have been emotions as well to add to the success. Good Communication, caring, thinking, loving and general liking. Trust has also been a factor; although trust is not always necessary for success.

As I get older, I reflect back and try to think hard about what works and what doesn't work, but it is still a continual process. Failures don't just go away because you have more experience. There are successes and failures, but as my Mother use to tell me, each year is different. Always learning, but usually there is something new and I have to admit that it is true that with every failure there is learning and with every success a small win.

So today, as the urges within you yearn to vent your rage because of someone doing this or that, should we step back and consider what we are learning from this person? I know when I am in vent mode I am not in learning mode and yet. I do shift and think later.  Is it that their style is so different that talking to them is like sandpaper? Is it perhaps their attitude or ego that is preventing them from listening or considering your experience or perhaps your own that is preventing you from considering theirs? Is it a control thing? Is there a win/win? Is it necessary to play win/loose? (sometimes it unfortunately is)

OR perhaps we all just need to be better detectives and ask why? why, why, why, why? and then listen.