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Change is constant.

I was reminded of this recently by two events. The first was when one of the more incredible people at work dropped an e-mail that a routine checkup turned into a life changing event. One that she is continuing to deal with :(  My heart aches for her and her family.

The second is from a post on CRM Success that Pierre Hulsebus from EHTC posted today. "The implementation of CRM in your organization needs to be viewed as a culture-change initiative. Resistance to the CRM culture change means catastrophe."

"Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches"  -Pauline Kezer

Should we not all stretch out and embrace what is so close to us? The opportunity to grow just a little more? The chance to learn something new?

Today change is even faster. As conversations buzz on twitter at the speed of light and even e-mail is too slow. As the world shifts from the weight of crowd based opinions and as technology breakthroughs rock base assumptions every six months. How is anyone going to keep up?

BUT perhaps it is not about keeping up as opposed to simply being. You are here, in this space, at this time. Yesterday things were slightly or radically different, tomorrow will be a new day, it is all about this moment, this time, this second and what you can do for now and what you plan for the future.

As we plan, we review, as we review, we update the plan. Some items remain, some change.