Dialogs and Business Process in CRM 2011


Ok I admit it, I did give the Speakers of the general sessions a hard time yesterday! I have high expectations when it comes to spending time at a conference because there are so many opportunities that even one hour of lost value hurts my soul.

Here is the thing: it is not all about me and with years and years of both Convergence and Microsoft Dynamics CRM experience it takes a bit more to teach me something new and to impress me.

And yet of the 20 hours a day that I spend awake and aware this week I am continually impressed and I am continually learning. So how can I really justify unhappiness over a little bit of prospect bling?

So Kirill, Bill and Steve I apologize for putting a bit of cold water on your fire. Connect, Discover and Exceed are much better mantras than Easy!

For success with Dynamics and Dynamics CRM is not always easy, lots of people do it the hard way, but it is worth it and it does offer discovery, excellence, growth and profit!