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The baby is born - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Public Beta

Hashtags and Product Marketing

Last night, on twitter, there was a bit of a debate on which hashtag to use for the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM v2011 (as if Microsoft Dynamics CRM isn't long enough let's add a few more characters)

There were a number of suggestions batted around, but alas they were all soooo long. The whole concept of using a hashtag is quick, easy and don't take up too many of my 160 characters.

Needless to say I weighted in with #mscrm11 and #helpmscrm11

This also solves my internal marketing dilemna that was created when the big grey battle ship changed from Microsoft Dynamics CRM v5 to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 - The natural default thought process and comfort that users get when they immediately recognize that v5 comes after v4.

As such if  I just shorten 2011 to 11 - I now have a v11 that not only comes after v4 (a bit of a jump but not something that hasen't been done before) and it can also be used to imply the year released. As well as, of course, staying within the general full name of the product.

This is all just my personal opinion and is nothing "official" - I am a huge fan of repeating the marketing and positioning like a broken record, but sometimes you just need something to quickly squeak open the door.