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February 2008               Issue: II

February and the windows are open in Texas and the pictures from New England look like chest high piles of white. Wow, what a change from last year when I was spending my spare time either shoveling or building ice sculptures.

All this great weather is wonderful, but I have been very busy at TRG. Recently we have been working on a new series of business lunch and learns. If you are particularly interested in a speaker or a business subject please let me know. The lunch and learns will include some very interesting outside talent!  The focus for each lunch and learn will be on a business subject that touches into the area of Relationship Management technologies.

We have also been planning for The Microsoft Launches (and there are many product launches this quarter including Microsoft Dynamics CRM v4.0 (Titan)) which shipped to manufacturing late in December and will be on shelves soon. TRG can work with you on Dynamics CRM v4.0 today, just reach out and ask!

In terms of Microsoft Convergence:  what a Convergence it is turning out to be! I have done a sample reach out to many of you to see if you will be in attendance and what great responses. Some items we have been discussing in the e-mails - Consider taking time to visit the CRM support and development team (they are there in force), but also make take time to bring your questions or thoughts to the Dynamics CRM booth. The characters manning the booth are many times consultants who have worked on hundreds and hundreds of Dynamics CRM projects and have responded to hundreds of Dynamic CRM forum e-mails.

Other key value points to get from Convergence or from in general in Year 2008!   

- Training (It is worth making time for it)

- Understanding the Microsoft's Defined Direction

- Opportunities (not just sales)

- Face Time

- Shared Memories (You want to do business in 200x Style? Then get to the next level with those you know)

- Shared Resources

- Information sources (new books, new white papers, new add-on products)

and so much more .................


Do you think you are too small for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Contact me about the new Microsoft hosted offering - CRMLIVE!

No Installation pain, one low price per user per month with great TRG services to get you started with full integration to Outlook!



Anne Stanton
The Rand Group


What are all those acronyms? For those who actually wonder.

CRM : Customer Relationship Management - similar and competitive products include SAP, Siebel, Maximizer, ACT!, Goldmine, Onyx, ContactEase, ResultsCRM, and many, many more.

IIS: Internet Information Server - Related to web services (hosting and running websites) and because Dynamics CRM is a Software as a Service application (SaaS), IIS is a key factor  in the installed CRM footprint.


SaaS: Software as a Service - No this is not really the same as hosted software or Application service provider (ASP) for those of you with years of computer experience under your belt.  SaaS applications are programmed and designed to run "as a website. What this means is that capturing and sharing data via the web is built into the application.

MOSS 2007: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server - A very complimentary product to Dynamics CRM.  MOSS is positioned as a Content Management System (although it can be many other things) and when installed with Dynamics CRM offers  an amazingly synergistic system of document management and people management.

WSS: Windows SharePoint Services - SharePoint without the server. Powerful and yet positioned very differently. Think InTRAnet an internal website for your company.

Curious about the 2008 Microsoft Application Stack? Contact your TRG consultant today and ask them for more information! TRG works with more Microsoft products than you might realize!

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in anyway. All postings and code samples are provided 'AS IS' with no warranties, and confers no rights. - Anne Stanton

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