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FrontRange, What are you thinking?

So FrontRange is getting their feet under them, with new management and one of the first announcements I have seen from them released today. So first there is a new consolidation of product names..

  • Goldmine Corporate
  • Goldmine Premium
  • Goldmine Enterprise Edition

No more Standard Edition and no more stand alone edition?

The company has placed a strong emphasis on advanced customer needs and more sophisticated customers. What this and the following says to me, is the small and microsmall customers might not be their niche.

Take for instance that "Maintenance for the first year is required and will be 20% of retail price with a minimum of 5 user license which is $595 for GoldMine Corporate Edition and $695 for GoldMine Premium Edition."

It is a fairly rare customer that will purchase VENDOR maintenance when they have a great reseller to support them, so why the requirement? AND to do CRM right, well often times you need a good reseller. Someone who understands your business and technology and can work with you to make it all work together. So what is happening to the FrontRange Reseller channel?